Cosmetic / Plastic Surgery & Breast Surgery, Hair Transplant Surgery clinic in Delhi India

Dr. charu cosmetic surgeonDr. Charu Sharma Cosmetic Surgeon Delhi Dr. Charu Sharma, is a leading female cosmetic surgeon who heads the clinic based in New Delhi. Having been awarded a gold medal in plastic surgery for her academic brilliance, she has further developed her surgical skills at various national and international forums. She is presently attached to various renowned hospitals in New Delhi, Her expertise has been utilized by many in the society. Girls with white patches and obese ladies with curveless bodies have found an end to hitherto long drawn out wait for marriage. Males with receding hair line ( and a faster receding self respect) have rejoined the main stream of a joyous youthful life. Girls with a flat chest or ladies with a abdomen touching bosoms have regained the shape of their dream with a secret smile of metamorphosis.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi / Hair Loss Treatment

Male baldness is a common problem starting around the third decade of life. Baldness occurs due to permanent loss of hair roots. No amount of oil, massage or medicines can put life back into the dead roots.
Hair transplantation (HT) offers a scientific solution by implanting new hair roots.

Breast Augmentation / Breast Enlargement (Mammoplasty)

This is done to enlarge an underdeveloped breast or breast that become small and loose after child birth.

A silicone or saline implant is placed behind the muscle of breast tissue. Implant is placed through incision in axilla, below the breast or areola (dark skin around the nipple), usually leaving behind no evident tell-tale signs.

Hymen Repair and Vaginoplasty Surgery

Vagina surgery can be done to tighten the loose vagina hymen repair to regain virginity. For women who’ve experienced multiple childbirths, vaginal muscles tend to experience enlargement due to stressful expansion during the delivery.


Facial Fillers -Dermal Fillers or Injectables

As we age, our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Sun exposure and years of muscle movement (i.e., smiling, chewing, and squinting) also contribute to tissue breakdown of the skin. Fortunately, there are innovative cosmetic procedures to help ease this aging process and sustain oneĀ“s youth.