Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

A breast lift (mastopexy) is indicated when the breasts have lost their youthful volume, the skin has become stretched and saggy, and the nipples have drooped. This is quite frequently the case after pregnancies or significant weight loss.

During mastopexy, excessive skin is removed, the breast gland is lifted and the breast is newly shaped in order to harmonize the appearance of the whole body.

In breast lift, the surgeon cuts out a section of skin from the lower part of the breast. This skin is removed, and the nipple is moved upward. Skin that was previously above the nipple is drawn down and sewn together below the nipple. Because there is less skin, the breast is higher and firmer after surgery. The scars are usually around the areola, in a vertical line extending down from the nipple area, and along the lower fold of the breast.

This surgery takes from one to two hours, with either local or general anesthesia. It is usually done in a day-only visit to either a clinic or hospital. Many women return to work after 2-3 days.

After having a breast lift, you may lose some feeling in your nipple or breast for at least six weeks. This loss of feeling usually resolves as the swelling goes down after surgery, but in some women it can last as long as a year or even be permanent. Breast lift also leaves permanent scars. These can be lumpy and red for months following surgery, fading bit by bit until they are less noticeable. The scars can, however, be hidden under most bathing suits.

Dr. Charu Sharma Cosmetic Surgeon India
Awarded by gold medal in plastic surgery for her academic brilliance

Academic Qualifications :
  • Super Specialization: M.Ch. in Plastic Surgery.
  • Post Graduation: M.S in General Surgery.
  • Graduation: MBBS from IMS, BHU.
  • International training in various cosmetic surgery procedures at SPAIN & AUSTRALIA.

Work experience :

Consultant, Cosmetic Surgeon at
  • Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital (FFLRDH), Vasant Kunj.
    Fortis la femme, Gk 2.
    Fortis Jessa Ram Hospital, Karol bagh.
  • Working as Consultant, Dept. of cosmetic Surgery, Shri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Paschim Vihar.
  • Working as Visiting Consultant, Plastic Surgery, Kalra Hospital, Kirti Nagar.
  • Worked as Consultant plastic & cosmetic surgeon, Apollo Millenium Hospital, Pusa Road.
  • Worked as Consultant, Dept of Plastic Surgery, Jamia Hamdard University.
  • Worked as Consultant, Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Clinic, Rajindra Place.
  • Worked as SR, Dept. of Plastic & Burns Surgery, at Safdarjung Hospital.
  • Worked as SR, Dept. of Surgery, Indraprasth Apollo Hospital.